Produce Pipeline: A Message from your Local Farmers!
April 15, 2021

A Message from John & Ray at Ralph’s Greenhouse

“Good day all! It looks like we’ll have nice sunny weather all weekend!  We could use it as we’re behind in degree days and could use some warmth. 

The above pictures tell you what’s going on on the farm right now.  You can see the radish in my hand and radishes under row cover. The radishes are about the size of a small marble.  

The next photo above is the current state of spinach. As you can see, the leaves are about as big as my thumbnail. So it’s coming along as well. And the last photo below is the NEW green cabbage raab.

This green cabbage raab cooperated nicely and waited till the lacinato and green kale raab were done and the collard raab too.   So now it is its turn to flush.  Get it while you can; it’ll be over quickly.  

We are still harvesting some really nice large leeks.  They are the kind you want to show off with the spring growth. They are really nice leeks!   

Thank you all for looking at the pictures and reading!”


John and Ray – Ralph’s Greenhouse

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Warehouse Walkthrough

Organic Ume Plums – Fruit World 10#
This fruit is related to the apricot and is great for pickling, cooking, sauces, and wines. The season lasts around 4 weeks, and they should be arriving to us by late next week.  If there is any interest in having Ume Boshi already jarred, contact your sales rep because the grower cans a very small volume, and we can try and get something arranged. 

20094 Organic Local Asparagus 20#

 LIMITED QUANTITY! Local Organic Asparagus should be arriving to us by late next week. There was some freeze that took over the field, so there will be a limited quantity until they can harvest more. The asparagus will grow out of this in due time, hopefully by the end of next week. Living Rain is owned by Ralph’s brother John. 


Also known as wild leeks, there are one of the first signs of spring! The season is short so act fast if you want some of these garlicky, oniony pungent beauties. 

25031 Pink Lemons 16#

This weather sure calls for some fresh-squeezed pink lemonade! Pink lemons typically have a sweeter flavor than their yellow cousins but still have that tart lip-puckering flavor. 

Organic Amber Crest Yellow Peach 54/56ct and larger

This fruit is coming to us from Terra Fresh in Coachella Valley, CA, and will begin loading 4/19 with availability until May 5/20. The Ambercrest is a juicy yellow flesh variety with 85-90% blush over a golden yellow base. They are well known for their sweet flavor in the early season with an optimal balance of sugar and acid. 

21619 Morel Mushrooms 1# (Special Order)

The season for these foraged treasures is just starting, but it is short. Morels are a bit of a rock star in the food world because they’re so hard to find and so exotic looking. They are usually reserved for fancy meals with fancy wine and meats.



Ask your sales rep about:

  • Vidalia Onions have been dug and are drying in the fields. The official pack date will begin April 19th for arrival to us on April 26th.
  • California Cherries are just a few short weeks away!

Berry Update

STRAWBERRIES: In Oxnard and Santa Maria, the market is still very limited against strong demand. Cooler weather will prevail until Thursday, when we expect to see a warming trend through the weekend, improving yields next week. We anticipate fill rates to continue through this week.

    • Salinas /Watsonville: Harvests have begun in a very light way and will slowly increase, weather permitting. Driscoll’s is anticipating a 4/19 start-up date for loading at D’Arrigo’s cooler in Salinas.

BLACKBERRIES AND RASPBERRIES: Both of these items are still in very short supply, and we will continue to see a demand exceeds supply situation in effect through April. Shippers are covering contracts only on these items. Quality has been only fair. We anticipate fill rates to continue through this week.

BLUEBERRIES:  Mexican blueberry production is still low, and the West Coast season is still coming on a little later than usual due to cold weather.  Quality has been good.  Florida production has been hampered by some serious weather causing some growers to lose 30 % of their crop. Georgia is slowly ramping up but will have no real numbers until mid-May. We anticipate fill rates to continue through this week.

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