Purple Sprouting Broccoli

This week we go to Matt Sigler’s Kitchen at Il Solito in Portland, Oregon. There he and Lacy talk about Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Matt explains his love for whole Brassica family. He then builds a dish to show us a couple different ways he likes to use this product on his menu.

Baby Romaine

This week In The Kitchen Chef Lacy is joined by one of our buyers, Keenan Hatfield, who talks to her all about lettuce! Keenan explains quality challenges, his relationship with the farms he buys from, and the importance of having solid harvesting techniques. He then describes how lettuce can be “cute” as he shows her some fun new items he is buying from Babe Farms.

PNW Pears

This week In The Kitchen, Lacy is joined by one of our sales reps, Peter Ross who talks about his passion for PNW Pears. He then uses one of the pears to create an interesting take on traditional Chicken & Waffles. Can you guess which type of pear he used?

Sumo Citrus

Fall in love this Valentine’s Day with the help of the PCFCo Cupid. Instead of arrows, she goes around the office spreading love one Sumo Citrus at a time!

Blood Oranges

This week In The Kitchen, Lacy works with Blood Oranges to make a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert for two very special Pacific Coast Fruit love birds, Tom & Nancy Brugato. Tom is our Multidivision President and Nancy is a second generation owner and VP of Business Development. Watch as Lacy prepares them a candied blood orange chocolate cake and hear Tom tell the story of how he proposed to Nancy.

Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner! This week In The Kitchen, Chef Lacy is joined by a current NFL player and former driver for Pacific Coast Fruit, Henry Mondeaux. Henry tells us what it’s like being a defensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers as Lacy dishes him up some game day snacks!

Red & Gold Bunch Beets

This week In The Kitchen, Chef Lacy works with Red Beets to create her plant based version of a traditional Hawaiian Poke Bowl.

About Us

Four walls and a roof make a building but people make a business. Here at Pacific Coast Fruit we maintain a culture centered around the importance of family, integrity, and purposeful growth. It is because of the authentic relationships we have with our customers, employees, and farmers that we are able to provide the highest quality produce from Farm To Family.

Our Story

Family has always been a crucial part of our culture and how we do business here at Pacific Coast Fruit. To this day the company remains family owned and operated by two of Emil and Kathleen’s children. With a third generation now a part of the business, Pacific Coast Fruit is dedicated to continuing its legacy as a company who truly cares about its people and treats everyone as part of the family.

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