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Gotta love those Local Chanterelles! This week In The Kitchen, Chef Lacy works with foraged mushrooms. We carry a variety of foraged mushrooms, but with a rotating availability, pickling or preserving can help keep these treasured beauties on your menus all season long.

Watch this video to see how Chef Lacy likes to prepare her Chanterelles!

Local List

Chanterelle Mushrooms 5 lb 21605

Comice Pears (Rainier Fruit Co, WA) 60/70ct 24246 

Heirloom Crimson Crisp Apples (Kiyokawa Orchards, OR) *Special Order* 15 lb bulk 28672

Opal Apples (First Fruits of Washington, WA) 27 lb 24754

Delicata Squash (Trapold Farms, OR) 35 lb 22795

Sugar Pie Pumpkins (Trapold Farms, OR) 35 lb ctn 28598 

Best of the Season

 Gold Kiwi 

Golden Kiwi is a sweeter version of the typical green fruit. This type of fruit would be perfect as a Golden Kiwi and Blueberry Bruschetta, Kiwi Jalapeno Salsa, or simply just Grilled with a French Vanilla Dip

Organic Artichokes

Fun Fact: According to the Produce Market Guide, organic artichoke sales grew nearly 16% in 2018, and organic’s share of total artichoke sales increased to more than 3%. Consumers in the West were nearly twice as likely to purchase artichokes as consumers in the rest of the country.

Autumn Glory Apples

All natural caramel apple without the caramel?! Autumn Glory apples have sweet, firm flesh with hints of cinnamon and subtle notes of caramel. Some describe it as tasting like apple sauce, while others say it’s like apple cider.

Market Concerns


Warmer than normal weather will bring on Santa Anna winds in Santa Maria and Oxnard expecting to reach 40MPH on Thursday

NW Russet Potatoes

Markets are rising in all regions. Demand is active with limited production out of Idaho.


This is an industry-wide issue. Demand exceeds supplies on romaine. Escalated pricing on all value-added romaine products is in effect. Light supplies will continue for the entire week at a minimum. Yields have been reported lower by all shippers. 

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