Summer BBQ Series, 2016

Winter always seems to be the slow period in life, especially in the world of produce. This winter has been exceptional here in the Pacific Northwest, with Portland seeing the coldest span of temperatures on record for 20 years running.

That said, winter is also a great time for reflection, and why not reflect on the much anticipated warmer months of summer? Starting in May and running through September, we at Pacific Coast Fruit Company hold an Employee and Customer BBQ once a month in both Portland and Seattle. It’s one of our favorite ways to show a little extra appreciation to all our employees, and also us a chance to meet with our customers informally, introducing them to a larger portion of our company and treating them to lunch. We do each BBQ twice, once the daytime lunch and again during our swing crew’s lunch hour. And if you didn’t know, our swing crew works from 4:00 p.m. through midnight and into the wee hours of the dawn, making sure all those orders are prepped and staged for the next morning’s deliveries.

We always get a little bit of help from our community as well. This year, we had help from three members of the David Douglas High School Cheer Squad. We also are very grateful to New Seasons Market who has helped us with an assortment of things for our BBQ’s.

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Published January 13, 2017
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