Snow, Snow, Go Away

Portland was hit hard this past week, already topping out as the “most winter-fatigued city”¹ for this winter. Between the 15 inches of snow that showed up last Tuesday night, the threat of freezing rain looming over us yesterday, and now the impending flood of snowmelt and rain scheduled out over the rest of the week, we’ve been pretty exhausted. School closures, restaurant closures, delayed deliveries, crop setbacks, stuck vehicles; the misery just piles up.

The bright side? We had snow, and not the half inch of weird frozen precipitation that turns looks more like a Cola ICEE than a winter wonderland. No, we had real snow, and you when everything looked it’s worst, we put our bootstraps on and went and played (after getting some work done, honestly). And we weren’t playing around, we had our pets, and we had fun!

So, before the Willamette breaks past the seawall and we start making deliveries via pallet rafts, let’s take a moment to appreciate all these little fur-babies enjoying (or at least looking miserably cute) in the ice and cold.

  1. Portland, Oregon, May Be America’s Most Winter-Fatigued City in 2016-17

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Published January 18, 2017
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