Produce Pipeline: The Beyond Burger
November 14, 2019

Looking for a tasty meat alternative? This week we go In The Kitchen with Chef Lacy to take a look at two wonderful products from Beyond Meat®: The Beyond Burger™ and the Beyond Beef®.

Holiday Hours

We will be closed on Thursday, November 28, 2019. Orders can be placed Wednesday, November 27 until 5:00 p.m. for delivery Friday, November 29. All Bulk Fresh Cut orders be placed by 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, November 26, for delivery Wednesday, November 27 or Friday, November 29. All Grab & Go and Prepared Kit items orders will need to be placed by 5:00 p.m. Monday, November 25, for delivery Wednesday, November 27 or Friday, November 29.

Local picks

  • 20479- Rainbow Carrots 25# BG – Ralph’s Green House
  • 22776-Butternut Squash 35# – Hilltop Farms
  • 22459-Cinderella Pumpkins 2EA – Trapold Farms
  • 24353 Organic Chiogga Beets 25# BG – Montecucco Farms
  • 20250 Organic Gold Beets 25# BG – Montecucco Farms
  • 20263 Organic Red Beets 25# BG – Montecucco Farms
  • 27908 Organic Parsnips 20# – Montecucco Farms 
  • 22570 Organic Rutabaga 25# BG – Montecucco Farms

Best of Season

  • 21217 Ryans Cider 1 gallon
  • 21218 Ryans Cider 1/2 gallon
  • 24952-Pickling Cucumber 1 BSHL 
  • 28108-Butter Lettuce Tender Trio12CT 
  • 28109-Butter Lettuce Juicy Red 10CT 

Did You Know? Beyond Burger Fun Facts

  • 93% of people buying the Beyond Burger are meat eaters
  • This product is now in over 58,000 grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, universities and beyond. 
  • Each burger patty contains 20g of Plant Protein, no GMOs, No Soy or Gluten, and is Kosher

Fun Stuff

  • 28464 Beyond Beef Ground (Beyond Meat) 6/2 lb
  • 28276 Beyond Burger (Beyond Meat) 40/4 oz
  • 25403 StarFruit 25/30CTAvailable by special order with a one day lead time.
  • 28812 Org Milk Whole Carbon Neutral Milk
  • 22813 Org Milk 2 % Carbon Neutral Milk 

​Market Alerts

  • All cut items containing Romaine, Iceberg, and Green Leaf will be expensive and expect minor quality issues.
  • Chile Peppers are getting expensive due to a growing region transition.
  • Quince will be coming to an end.
  • Organic Cauliflower is short to gap on market
  • Avocado oil content is great, inventories are good pricing is lower
  • Russet Potatoes continue to move up in price.
  • Celery market is active as we move closer to the holiday.

Coming soon

Off shore Mag Melons in December

Looking into Long stem Artichokes

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