Produce Pipeline: Red & Gold Bunch Beets
January 23, 2020

This week In The Kitchen, Chef Lacy works with Red Bunch Beets to create her plant based version of a traditional Hawaiian Poke Bowl. 

Items in this video:

  • 20258 Organic Red Bunch Beets 24ct 
  • 20245 Organic Gold Bunch Beets 24ct
  • 21748 Green Onions 6ea
  • 20869 Edamame 22lb

Local Picks

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Best In Season

  • 20258 Organic Red Bunch Beets 24ct 
  • 20245 Organic Gold Bunch Beets 24ct
  • 29006 Sumo Mandarins 28ct 
  • 25168 Heirloom Navel Oranges 88ct 
  • 24954 Organic Pink Lady Apples 80/88ct

Fun Stuff

  • 28085 Cotton Candy Grapes 16#
  • 29042 Autumn Glory Apples 40/45ct 27# (the apple that contains hints of caramel and cinnamon)
  • 25403 Star Fruit 25/30ct 
  • 20957 Galanga Root 1#
  • 27946 Aloha Peppers 11#

Chef Spotlight

Chef Mat Waer from Pizzicato

Check out this interview where Mat sat down with Liz from PRO*ACT to chat about his role with Pizzicato as brand manager and executive chef and how he keeps things fresh and flavorful in the kitchen. 

Click the link below to listen to the Colorful Plates Podcast Interview with Chef Mat.!d1318

Coming Soon 

  • Tangos will become available late next week. 
  • A shift between Domestic and Chilean Bartlett Pears should be coming in the next couple weeks.
  • California Avocados should be showing up the end of February. 
  • Melo Gold Grapefruit is coming soon. 

Market Update

Tomatoes: The tomato market is still short with prices remaining high. Roma tomatoes are probably the best value during this shortage.

Leaf Lettuce: We are seeing better quality on leaf lettuce out of Yuma. 

Arugula: The market for arugula is remaining short due to poor quality in the growing regions. 

Citrus: Satsumas are just about done with most folks loading page tangerines. 

Berries: There is hail in the blackberry growing region of Mexico. This will most likely result in a gap in supply over the next couple of weeks. 

Potatoes: The recent cold weather and freezes have impacted the potato supply from Washington and Idaho. The markets are climbing and expect to keep rising as we move into storage. Supplies are estimated to be down 30%. 

Green Onions: We are seeing green onions in very short supply which is causing the market to become increasingly more expensive. 

Melons: Mini seedless melons are tough to come by, which is resulting in good quality melons becoming even tougher to find. Organic melons seem non-existent right now.

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