Produce Pipeline: Purple Sprouting Broccoli
March 12, 2020

This week we go to Matt Sigler’s Kitchen at Il Solito in Portland, Oregon. There he and Lacy talk about Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Matt explains his love for the whole Brassica family. He then builds a dish to show us a couple different ways he likes to use this product on his menu. 


Local Picks

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Best In Season

  • 20997 Green Garlic 10#
  • 20227 Fava Beans 28#
  • 21460 Champagne Mangos 14ct

Fun Stuff

  • 22338 Hawaiian Pineapple 8ct
  • 28105 Green Strawberries 8/1# (Special Order)
  • 29150 Organic Collard Raab 24ct

Coming Soon

  • Washington Asparagus should arrive sometime in May.
  • Organic Formosa Papaya is expected to arrive 3/15.
  • Green Pristine Grapes will be available in 2 weeks. 

Market Update

Field Weather Report: Rain and more rain! The hot topic for the week is the rain that just started in Yuma because it is having a significant impact on all vegetables. We are seeing very limited to no harvesting today and through this week which will create quite a bit of shortages. The other hot topic is the upcoming transition back to Salinas for vegetables. The next few weeks will be a challenge as we navigate through the weather and transition.

Broccoli: The market has been experiencing a heavy increase due to the heavy rain and muddy fields. 

Berries: We are seeing a shortage on berries due to the cold and wet weather lately. Blueberries will be very short for 2-3 weeks. Strawberries will be tighter with some cool, wet weather in the forecast.

Plums: Chilean plums and pluots have not been like last year. Last year, we had a plethora of plums and pluots rolling through with Callisto and Black Majesty rounding out the season. This year it seems they will be non-existent on the West Coast market.

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