Produce Pipeline: Pink Pineapple
October 15, 2020



Introducing a rare treat, Pinkglow™ pineapples. The world’s first-ever pink flesh variety comes to us from Del Monte Fresh. Notes of candy pineapple aromatics makes it uniquely sweeter, juicier, and less sour than traditional pineapples.

This one of a kind product should be arriving to us by December 2020, contact your sales rep about preordering yours today!


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Warehouse walkthrough

  • 26237 Local Purple Brussels Sprouts 25#

These brussels are coming to us locally from Valley Pride Farms in Western Washington. They are a very good eating variety, a bit sweeter than greens and have great eye appeal. They would look very sharp next to the greens or even just on their own.

  • 30205 Butter Russet Potato Bins 

Best mashed potatoes in the world! EXCLUSIVE! These potatoes are not currently being sold in the PNW marketplace anywhere else! The inside eats like a yukon but the outside has russet texture.

  • 30160 Organic Concord Pears 40/45ct 

NEW crop of sweet firm eating pears that are vanilla flavored!

  • 29946 Black Garlic 8/4oz

Black Garlic cloves are mild and sweet enough to just eat the cloves right out of the bulbs without worrying about that intense garlic breath. It has a soft and spreadable texture, a sweet aroma, and a combination of familiar flavors like umami, sweet molasses, a hint of balsamic, tamarind, and it’s even a little fruity like dates. 

  • 21848 Mini White Pumpkins 40ct

Spice up your fall décor with some white pumpkins!

  • 28219 Cherry Tomato Medley Bulk 10#

Great quality and great value on these colorful medley tomatoes!

  • 24952 Pickling Cucumbers 3/400 1 Bshl

Finally arrived!! New crop of Mexican pickling cucumbers.

  • 30199 Sunview Raisins Medley 35/80oz 

This is a mixture of at least six different raisin types. They range in size from small to huge. They all are plump, fresh and absolutely delicious. 

Coming Soon

  • Cosmic Crisps will be available at the end of November.
  • Jumbo Organic Kiwi start in November.
  • 658664 POM Wonderful Arils 12/4oz should be arriving on the 23rd.

Market Update

Potatoes: Idaho has started shipping storage Nokotahs that have undergone the sweat process.  Harvest is complete which is 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Pineapples: The strike is still ongoing in Costa Rica so arrivals are now delayed on both coasts.  We’ll keep staying ahead with updates. 

Çitrus: Valencia Orange supplies are winding down for the season.  88s and smaller are extremely limited.  Markets are active on both grades with quality being fair at best.

Cauliflower: Markets are inching up due to lower yields.  Califoria has been unusually hot and so it has been slowing some items down. 

Lettuces: The next few weeks will continue to be a challenge in California.  We are expecting quality to continue to show tip and fringe burn, pink ribbing, and light weight boxes.  Yuma is expected to begin the first to 2nd week of November. 

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