Produce Pipeline: Our Story
January 16, 2020

Who is Pacific Coast Fruit?

Family has always been a crucial part of our culture and how we do business here at Pacific Coast Fruit. To this day the company remains family owned and operated by two of Emil and Kathleen’s children. With a third generation now a part of the business, Pacific Coast Fruit is dedicated to continuing its legacy as a company who truly cares about its people and treats everyone as part of the family.

Local Picks

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Best in Season 

  • 24033 Cutie Citrus 15/2#
  • 29006 Sumo Citrus 28sz
  • 26402 Organic Kent Mangoes 10ct 
  • 23939 Honeyblaze Nectarines 44ct 
  • 28064 Yummy Beaut Plums 48/56ct

Fun Stuff

  • 28760 Stem & Leaf Satsumas 22# (Blue Jay Label)
  • 26058 Organic Clementines 25#
  • 22926 Organic Sunchokes 10# 
  • 25225 Hawaiian Ginger 30#
  • 24369 Hedgehog Mushrooms 1# (Special Order)
  • 21619 Orchards Morels 1# (Special Order) 
  • 26108 Black Trumpets 1# (Special Order)

Coming Soon

  • Cotton Candy Grapes are coming sometime during the middle of next week!
  • Organic Blood Oranges are coming soon!
  • We are four months away from Washington Apples!
  • Import Bartletts from Chile start at the end of the month and Argentinean fruit will be three weeks after that.

Market Update

Avocados: Quality and oil content will be at the peak of the season and the market will stay active as we go into the Superbowl. 

Lettuce: We are seeing light weight, and quality as an issue do to the cooler temps in the growing areas. This has resulted in low production of most green leaf items. 

Green Onions: These are slow to grow due to the cold weather which is creating a demand exceeding supply situation.

Citrus: Cooler weather and rain has hit some citrus fields which has increased levels of mold and decay.

Berries: Strawberries and raspberries are still in short supply. 

We Remember Emil Nemarnik: 5 Year Anniversary 

On January 10, 2015 at 2:10pm Pacific Coast Fruit Company lost owner and cofounder, Emil Nemarnik. He was the most inspirational, humble, hard-working, and kind-hearted man to ever enter our lives. Emil is with us everyday in every person that calls themselves an employee or customer of Pacific Coast Fruit Co. Emil always said, “Four walls and a roof make a building, but people make a business.” Even 5 years after his passing, Emil truly still remains foundation that will forever keep us strong. 

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