Produce Pipeline: Local Organic Chioggia Beets
February 25, 2021

Farm Spotlight: Montecucco Farms

The grandfather of Ed Montecucco started farming in Oregon in 1926, shortly after he arrived from Italy. His first farm was in Parkrose, where he raised fresh vegetables for the city market. Needing room to expand after World War II, the farm moved down to the Canby area and has taken on family member partnerships through the years, starting with Ed’s father and uncle, then his brother Paul and their cousin Steve. Currently, Ed’s sons Brian and Jason run the farm, representing the fourth generation at Montecucco Farms.

Primary Crops: Green Beans, Beets, Cucumber, Parsnip, Rutabega, Squash, Turnips

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Warehouse Walkthrough

24353 Local Organic Chioggia Beets 25#
This is an Italian heirloom originally from Chioggia, near Venice, and has been popular since the early 1800s. Today we are getting it local from our friends at Montecucco Farms! It’s beautiful and sweet flavored. Sliced roots look like bull’s-eyes having concentric rings of white alternating with wine-red. The green leaves are an excellent spinach substitute.

27908 Local Organic Parsnips

Another local Montecucco item, these organic parsnips, are coming to us in great condition! When cooked until tender, parsnips have a lovely, starchy texture that works beautifully roasted or added to soups and stews.

30704 Asian Butterscotch Pears 11-12ct

JUICY AND CRUNCHY!!! These Asian Pears have incredible texture, and make sure you have a napkin nearby (the first one I ate had a mild flavor, looking forward to eating one from the next arrival).

21460 Champagne Mangos 14ct

These are the nicest quality of any other mangos currently on the market.

26227 Yellow Dragon Fruit 6-8ct 

Best dragon fruit you will ever eat! This fruit would be an awesome addition to salsa or add some fish to make a ceviche. 

21460 Yellow Caribe Peppers 30#

This chile is called “chile Guero”(translated blonde chile) in Mexico. Caribes are part of the ‘wax’ type of chile peppers, including several different varieties ranging from mild to scorching. This variety is hot (5,000 – 8,000 Scoville Units) and can be used as substitutes for Jalapeno to add a different color and flavor to salsas and recipes. When you roast these, it enhances the flavor. On a grill or skillet, roast these at med/high heat for 8-10 minutes

21055 Muscat Grapes 16#

Muscat grapes taste like lychee fruits. They taste the way light, floral perfume smells. The sensation is striking, very different from other grapes.

20478 Organic Rainbow Carrots 24#

Very nice and vibrant rainbow carrots from Lakeside Organics. 



Ask your sales rep about:

Wild Onion
Stinging Nettles
Miners Lettuce

Market Update

Avocados: The markets remain on the higher side and holding steady. Size 48’s and 60’s are limited and in high demand. Smaller-sized fruit as well as #2-grade fruit continue to dominate the pack-outs. With Mexico producing heavy yields of #2-grade fruit, the Mexican National market is consuming good numbers keeping that market active. Mexican growers continue to demand more money for their fruit. Look for California to ramp up production in March.

Asparagus: There are plenty of supplies in the pipeline coming out of Mexico. Market and supplies to continue to be steady going into the weekend.

Blackberries: The overall availability is still tight due to the recent cold weather, which means the market is firm.

Limes: The lime market is active. We’re seeing a fluctuation in pricing and expect it to climb and change daily. Supplies will be limited going into March until the new crop starts.

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