Produce Pipeline: Kabocha Squash
September 24, 2020


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22828 Kabocha Squash bin

Kabocha squash is a Japanese staple ingredient that’s prized for its sweet taste, velvety texture, slew of health benefits, and versatility. If you love pumpkin and sweet potato, then kabocha will quickly become your new best friend this fall. 

20333 Bitter Melon 1bshl

There are lots of way of using bitter melon — it can be steamed or pan-fried like zucchini, and some cooks leave it whole and hollow it out to stuff, like a squash. Its bitterness makes it a perfect match for chilies and fat, it best simply cooked with other vegetables, or in a spicy curry.

21295 Local Organic Purple Kale 24ct

This Organic Purple Kale is coming to us local from Siri & Sons. They are a fourth-generation family farm based in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley just outside of lively Portland, Oregon. Joe Siri has shaped the land and after graduating from Oregon State University, he worked to make the farm sustainable. In 2003, Joe took the “final step” and for his senior project at OSU, he helped Siri & Son Farms become Certified Organic.

21877 Thai Green Papaya 30#

Thai Green Papayas have a crisp white flesh with very little flavor. They are popular for their crunch and used primarily as a base for salads, most notably in the Thai classic som tam, where it serves as a bland backdrop for the powerful flavors of chile, lime, garlic, and fish sauce. It can most commonly be described as “clean-tasting” like cucumber or jícama.

24358 Local Organic Mini Sweet Peppers 8/1.5#

These Local Organic Mini Sweet Peppers coming to us from Siri & Sons are the perfect bite-size appetizer! If desired, serve with guacamole or salsa for dipping.

20239 Wild Sea Beans 1# (special order)

Sea Beans are commonly found along the coast, growing wild in the salty soil and even inland growing in the muddy banks of salt flats and marshes. Sea Beans are best when either served raw or lightly blanched. They can be added raw to green salads or pasta salads and work well to intensify the aroma and taste of seafood.

Coming Soon

  • Texas grapefruit is three weeks away.
  • Cosmic Crisp Apples will be available at the end of November.
  • Sugar Bee Apples will be starting around last week of October. 
  • Organic Hachiya Persimmons will be starting mid-October. 

Market Updates

California Crops: All suppliers in California continue to struggle with yields, quality on row crops (leaf items, broccoli, etc.) Salinas Valley will start heating up to 100 degrees again this weekend, which will not help with any of the issues we are experiencing.

Lettuce: Head Lettuce, Romaine, Green and Red Leaf California fields are showing stress and lack of growth due to past weather conditions and fires.

Grapefruit: It looks like California has finished up on grapefruit for the season.  This will create a small gap in supply until the Coachella desert region and/or Texas gets started. In the interim we have some red grapefruit from Florida enroute to cover the gap. 

Raspberries: These berries are in slightly better supplies coming out of the Central Coast and Mexico. Quality has been fair out of California and good out of Mexico. Growers are expecting better numbers coming out of Central Mexico and Baja over the next few weeks.

Kiwi Berries: The recent, extremely poor air quality we had because of the fires in and around the Willamette Valley (among other spots throughout Oregon) made it impossible for our crews to get into our kiwi berry fields for more than 8 straight days. This means is that we are just days away from HBF’s 2020 domestic kiwi berry crop coming to an end.

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