Produce Pipeline: Inside Prepared Foods
March 5, 2020

This week we go out of the Kitchen to give you an inside look into our Prepared Foods Department. Lacy talks to Ignacio and Rosario to better explain the operation and the people behind the produce. 

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Local Picks

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Best In Season

  • 20227 Fava Beans 28#
  • 21318 Kumquats 10#
  • 25302 Larry Ann Plums 44/48ct
  • 22722 Spinach 24ct

Fun Stuff

  • 26961 Fiddlehead Ferns 5#
  • 28179 Black Cat Plums 36/40ct 
  • 25450 Stinging Nettles 1# (Special Order)
  • 29095 Mandarosa Tangerines 21ct

Coming Soon

  • Formosa Papaya is expected to arrive 3/15.
  • California Asparagus will be here soon. 

Market Update

Local Farm News: After 50+ years of farming in Oregon, Curry & Company will be permanently closing on March 13th.

Melons: Transition for watermelon (both seedless and mini seedless) could create shortages until the product makes its way to Northern Mexico.

Berries: Poor weather in Mexico has created a shortage for organic strawberries, and could potentially affect the quality over the next few weeks.

Cauliflower: The cauliflower market remains strong with yields still very low due to previous cold, rainy weather in Yuma. The quality is fair and with warming weather, hopefully we’ll see more availability coming on shortly.

Truffles: Whites are done, but Oregon blacks are still available.

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