Produce Pipeline: Black Trumpet Mushrooms
January 28, 2021

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26108 Black Trumpet Mushrooms 1#

These mushrooms are gourmet edibles. They have a smoky, rich flavor and a fruity aroma. Just give us a 2 day heads up if you would like to order these mushrooms. 

25269 Lemon Plums 40/48ct 

WE LOVE LEMON PLUMS! Counting down their arrival to us on February 4th. Mark your calendars and contact your sales rep to reserve yourself a case of these tasty pieces of fruit!

20297 Frozen Mountain Huckleberries 5#

Huckleberries are among the most prized berries found in North America. They somehow manage to be both tart and sweet at the same time! Same as the black mushrooms, this product also requires a 2 day lead time. 

30550 Local Organic Pea Shoots 8/1pt

These are coming to us locally from Indianola Organics near Seattle, Washington. Indianola Organics uses only fertile organic soil and seeds in their natural sunlight greenhouse to produce beautiful and healthy products. 

28131 Tarocco Blood Oranges 1/2ctn

These are a great cooking blood orange! One of our buyers, Damon, says he thinks they are also the best eating variety of blood oranges right now. Blonde to start (low color) but bream will be available soon with it’s deep, deep red flesh. 

26869 Sweet Sapphire Black Grapes 18#

Sweet Sapphires® live up to the description with a dessert-sweet flavor from a sugar content that exceeds all other varieties. Each grape is so firm it can be snapped in half and large enough to be stuffed!

30525 Organic Juici Apples 27#

What do you get when you cross a a Braeburn and a Honeycrisp? A JUICI APPLE! This variety is in fact juicy, but not overpoweringly so. The flavor of Juici apples is balanced between sweet and a tart finish. Try them for yourself!

Coming Soon

  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli should be here sometime between mid-February and late March. 
  • We will be bringing in the first of the import pears next week. The first will be the conventional Bartlett Pears
  • New Chilean Red Grapes are coming into us soon. 
  • White Nectarines will be arriving to us from Chile on 1/4. 
  • Valentine Pummelo will be here sometime in the next couple weeks. 
  • Mandarosas should also be arriving sometime next week. 

Market Update

Hard Squash: The transition to California/Mexican on grown squash is nearly complete. We have a little bit of NW left out there but we should be out after the weekend. 

Stone Fruit: The first of the imported plums will finally hit our docks next week. There have been plenty of plums out there but they have not been eating great and have texture issues. The two varieties landing next week should be great.

Berries: Snow closures on the pass from California to Oregon have left many distributors in the area waiting on product. Luckily trucks finally arrived to us this morning and we will be hopefully all caught up by next week with delayed orders. 

Cantaloupe Magnificent: Solid inventory should start the third week of Febuary. The market has been a mess on Cantaloupe with the entire Guatamalan crop not making it state side and Del Monte not doing a desert crop this year. We will have a pallet of MAGs here and there.

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