Produce Pipeline: Stem and Leaf Satsumas
December 3, 2020


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  • 30376 Stem & Leaf Satsuma Clamshells 12/3#

‘Tis the season for stem and leaf satsumas! What a wonderful time of year for citrus! These clamshell stem and leaf satsumas are not only vibrant in color but also oh so delicious.

  • 28223 Carolina Reaper Peppers (Special Order) 8/50grams

Spice things up with some fresh super hots! These peppers are available out of Holland via special order.

  • 30367 Pomegranates 8ct 

These suckers are HUGE!! You can get 3.5 cups of arils just from one. 

  • 29056 Sunion Onion 40#

The “tearless” onion from Onions 52 in Prosser, WA. Prepping onions doesn’t have to be such an emotional experience! 

  • 21605 Chanterelles 5# 

Northwest Chanterelles are here! We carry a variety of foraged mushrooms, but with a rotating availability, pickling or preserving can help keep these treasured beauties  on your menus all season long. 

  • 28901 Cosmic Crisp Apples 125ct

Truly an incredible apple with its ability to survive in all of Washington state’s microclimates, its taste and texture, and how long it would store without decaying. Get them while they are hot!

  • 27963  EXCLUSIVE Sharwil Avocados 25#

The giant gourmet avocado only available in Washington state. The flesh of the Sharwil avocado is higher in oil content than the Hass. Consequently, it has a softer consistency more adequate for guacamole, smoothies, or spreads Another consequence of this is a richer taste. The Sharwil stays green when ripe and has a slight grayish-blue tint to it. This makes it distinct from other varieties that turn dark purple or black when ripe.

  • 23858 Romano Beans 15# (Special Order)

A sweeter alternative to the common green bean, that can be prepared just as easily! All you need is some butter, shallots, and chives and you are ready to go. 

Coming Soon

  • Minneola Tangelos should be available Mid-December. 
  • Bing/Brooks Cherries from Chile will most likely be landing at the end of next week. 

  • Magnificent Cantaloupe could be available in the last week of December. The Tara melons first harvest had a poor looking exterior and they all went to processing. We will be carrying the Del Monte Harper variety until the MAGs get going.

Market Update

Lettuce:  Most shipper/growers have made the annual transition from California to Yuma AZ. Quality & supplies are both improving with a favorable weather pattern for the next 10-14 days.

Peppers: Organic color bells coming back into the market as more growers are transitioning down to the desert.

Berries: Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries are in plentiful supply and good quality. Strawberries remain tight and fair quality. 

Citrus: The California citrus deal is just starting it hit stride with heirloom navels, cara cara navels, blood oranges and plentiful easy-peel mandarins available. Best eating quality is in December and January.

Special Order Citrus from Fruition Sales 

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