Produce Pipeline: Citrus Update
October 8, 2020


Citrus Update

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What to expect from our grower partners at Ripe to You Citrus and Fruit World:

    • Earliest CA Mandarins are available! Fruit World’s proprietary Early Dulce is typically the earliest Variety in CA.  Ready for shipping week of 10/19.
    • Organic Mandarins will be here all season long! They start in early November, Fruit World will supply organic mandarins all the way into April, non-stop. They will start Organic Navels at the end of October.
    • Buddha’s Hands aka Goblin Fingers® will be the first variety available (Code 24992 starting October 5).  Early season sizing tends to peak on the larger sizes, and they will be in the lime green color stage.
    • Yuzu (25035) and Kieffer Limes (29049) will be picked in smaller quantities as they come into maturity along with the Buddha’s. More specialties should be ready to harvest around week 42 (October 12th).
    • There is a plentiful Satsuma crop this year from Fruit World! Stem & Leaf mandarins are picked to order with the freshest leaves possible. 
    • Ripe to You Citrus is planning on having Fancy grade (no leaf) ready (24783)in week 43, and Stem and Leaf (25006) offerings by week 45.
    • Meyer Lemons (24214) are looking slightly smaller this season, and we have an updated 1# mesh bag design!  Available week 45.
    • The Heirloom Navel (21826) and Cara Cara (25108) crops are a bit lighter with normal start dates near late November/early December.

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Warehouse walkthrough

  • 24356 Local Organic Mini Peppers 8/1.5#

This product comes from Siri Farms out of Oregon. Although they had been farming since the 1900s, in 2003 they began organic farming. Joe began studying and considering organics while a student at Oregon State, and in time Joe persuaded Jim that this was the right direction for the farm. Joe stressed that organic farming was consistent with the farm’s philosophy.

  • 20373 Organic Baby Broccoli 18ct

This product comes from Josie’s Organic Label. Cofounder, “Josie,” was ahead of her time in many ways. Long before baby lettuces became popular in packaged salads, Nonnie Josie was clipping leaves of baby iceberg by hand to serve to those she invited to her table—and that was everyone!

  • 30186 Local Micro Hot Mix 2/4.5OZ

We are now stocking a local year-round micro green in a food service pack from Forward Greens Farms out of Vancouver, WA. This layered combination of tokyo bekana and red mustard creates a uniform palette that’s disco inferno. Full grown tokyo bekana can be as hot as wasabi (but our version is pretty mild in comparison). Give it a try!

  • 20225 Pre-Cut French Beans 10/1#

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! We supply the perfect  pre-cut solution for your holiday prep bean needs.

  • 21605 Chanterelles 5# (special order)
    Pickled Mushrooms

Northwest Chanterelles are here! We carry a variety of foraged mushrooms, but with a rotating availability, pickling or preserving can help keep these treasured beauties  on your menus all season long. 

  • 21804 Local Organic Yellow Onions 40#

Brown Boy Onions come from Farmer Spud Brown located in Central Washington. Spud grows 400 acres of organic onions for Grown Up Organics: Yellow, Red, Sweet and white, and chooses the best seed strains for the highest quality onions on the market.

  • 20860 HoneyGlo Pineapple 7ct

Sweetest pineapple in the world?! Del Monte created a truly unique product that contains more than twice the average amount of Vitamin C and sweetness than the average pineapple. You have to try it! 

  • 28108 Tender Lettuce Trio 12ct

This is a fantastic greenhouse grown alternative to typical lettuces and lettuce mixes. Grown in Canada, quality is consistent and shelf life is fantastic.


Pineapple Strike in Costa Rica

The strike is between union workers and the government over issues unrelated to our industry.  We are still waiting for more information from growers and shipping lines to determine the reaching effects of the protests and strikes in Costa Rica that begun the end of last week and have currently escalated.  Truckers set up blockades on major roads throughout Costa Rica which further clogged the roads and highways completely impeding traffic.  These blockades and protests have yet to be disbanded.  Without any immediate resolution and containers blocked from entering the ports, shipping lines were forced to leave Costa Rica without loading their containers.  We hope to have more information regarding possible resolutions as the day and week progresses, but the strike and blockades could continue for several days.

Market Update

Upcoming look at which products will be available in California vs Local:

















































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