Produce Pipeline: Orange Flesh Honeydew
August 6, 2020


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  • 23849 Gravenstein Apples 20#

Gravenstein apples are great for cooking because they are super tart with a touch of honey! They are especially good in sauce and cider or dried. 

  • 29988 Italian Prunes 25#Fresh Italian prunes are quite a far cry from what most folks know as prunes. These beauties are plump, dense, and deliciously juicy. Featuring a yellow flesh, Italian prunes have a great texture and also feature a freestone, making them as easy to cook with as they are to eat whole. We have these grown locally for the next few weeks. 24152 Italian Prunes, 30 lb

These small, egg-shaped black plums are about the size of a large berry. Their smooth, thin skin carries the cloudy look of a blueberry. Their yellow flesh is denser and less juicy, which makes this type of plum perfect for drying into prunes, and also excellent for baking and preserving. Their flavor becomes more concentrated and they hold their shape better during baking.

  • 23007 Local Green Tomatoes 20#

These green tomatoes are coming to us from Imperials’s Garden in Yakima, WA. They are at the perfect ripeness to do just about any cooking method with them. Fry them up, use them in a sauce, or pickle them, either way they are sure to impress!

  • 21743 Local Green Onion 48ct

Aurora Farms has several different options for growing produce seasonally and all year round! They currently operate three greenhouses. Their main greenhouse produces veggies all year round and their pepper and eggplant house is now up and running!

  • 25810 Orange Flesh Honeydew 5/6ct

Unlike many other melons the Orange Flesh Honeydew will continue to ripen after being picked from the vine. This makes it extremely sweet, flavorful and aromatic. It is higher in beta carotene than a cantaloupe and has a flavor that is preferred by consumers.

  • 29972 Summer Punch Pluots 28#

The fruit punch flavored fruit! This summer treat has a deep sweetness and bright pink juice that we think goes wonderfully with a drizzle of cream or a dollop of crème frâiche. Just bite into the dark red, slightly tart skin and uncover ruby-toned juicy flesh with a sweet fruit punch flavor.

  • 29998 Organic Dragon Fruit 10ct

Dragon fruit, also called pitaya or strawberry pear, looks like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. It tastes slightly sweet, kind of a cross between a kiwi and a pear.

  • 29973  Flavor Grenades 28#

FAVORITE! Great firm eating plum/pluot. Sweet and juicy!

Special Order Items

  • 20239 Sea Beans 3# minimum 
  • 21605 Chanterelle Mushrooms 1#

Coming Soon

  • Organic Candy Stripe Figs will be here Sunday! Great piece of fruit.
  • Aussie Sweeties are still due 8/22 and so we will have a better idea next week if this is real life. 
  • Washington Bartletts will be here next week. 
  • Hatch Chilies are also due in next week. 
  • A new crop of Washington Gala Apples will arrive in 2 weeks. 

Market Update

Cherries: Local cherries are wrapping up for the year. There are still a few out of MT. Hood area and Canada.

Apples: A new crop of Honeycrisp Apples are almost here but the first variety is the Premier and it does not eat better than Cold Storage fruit from last year. We usually like to wait until we see the next variety.

Stone Fruit: There is a real shortage of NW grown conventional nectarines with one major shipper right now.

Berries: Strawberries and raspberries remain tight out of California. Heat is keeping the quality fair at best. 


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