Produce Pipeline: Donuts
July 30, 2020


Warehouse Walkthrough

  • 21670 Local Nectarines 15#

These nectarines are grown just south of the city of Yakima, Washington, nestled against the foothills of the lower valley. The Brandt family of farmers has been a part of Washington agriculture since 1907.

  • 28448 Rominis 24ct

Cute and compact, Ro-Minis (baby romaine hearts) pack the crunch of iceberg and sweet flavor of romaine into one small, tightly enveloped head. About the size of Belgian endive, this baby romaine is more petite than others like it on the market. Filet and grill, or use the leaves as cups or wraps for your choice of dressing and toppings. Its leaves hold up well to heat and all kinds of dressing so feel free to get creative with this unique lettuce! 

  • 23980 Durst Medley Tomatoes 12/1pt

So bright and vibrant with flavor that pops in your mouth! You really can taste the Durst Farm difference. The Durst family believes in using farming techniques that feed the soil. They also pick their produce in the cool morning hours, refrigerating them immediately in order to maintain the vine ripe quality and flavor of the tomatoes. The proof of their process is evidenced in every bite.

  • 24353 Local Chioggia Beets 25#

Chioggia beets are the most whimsical veggie in the patch! Slice the roots open to reveal concentric rings of pink and white, this fun variety adds pop to salads and pizazz to pickles. They are coming to us local from Montecucco Farms.

  • 20052 Smitten Apples 70/80ct

These are a new crop out of New Zealand and are great out of hand eater! The flesh is a yellow-cream color, fairly dense, with a crisp texture and moderately juicy. The flavor is sweet but with some acidity.

  • 28305 Local Donut Peaches 36/42size

One of the tastiest, and perhaps cutest, summer stone fruits from E.W. Brandt & Sons. Adjusting to an ever changing global market, the E.W. Brandt & Sons family farm endeavors to deliver to the market the most flavorful and unique products that can be grown in this area of the world.

  • 20360 Local Organic Broccoli 14ct

This broccoli comes from Treehouse Produce which is a third generation farm nested in the fertile lands of Mt. Vernon, WA. Currently run by siblings Cristine Waltner and Tom Shane, they produce a beautiful and wide bounty of organic produce including berries, corn, broccoli, and potatoes. 

  • 20718 Local Pickling Cucumbers 4/7bshl

Delta Farms in Sauvies Island, OR produces the perfect pickling cucumber—petite and crunchy. They have maintained a reputation for quality produce for over 40 years. They still hand-harvest everything and are one of Portland’s largest suppliers of pumpkins.

Special Order Items

  • 20239 Sea Beans 3# min
  • 25897 Organic Kadota Figs 12/1pt
  • 21619 NW Morels 3#
  • *Can get bins of cantaloupe on a preorder basis.

Coming Soon

  • Local Black Watermelon is a couple weeks away.
  • A new crop of Organic Peeled Garlic will be here on 8/2. 
  • NW Blackberries 12/6oz will be here next week. 
  • Local Heirloom Tomatoes from Inaba Farms should arrive in 1-2 weeks. 

Market Update

Potatoes: The NW russet potato market is still limited on sizing. A new crop of NW will start next week with limited supply.

Berries: Raspberries and strawberries are VERY short out of California. Likely will remain this way through August. 

Melons: Local bin cantaloupe has been short on market, however new growers are starting soon which will hopefully lead to greater supply. 

Celery – Overall, strong quality with most shippers. This market is steady. The heavier availability is in the large sizing. There will be moderate to good availability for the entire week.

Avocados – Market trending higher; demand remains strong. Growers in Uruapan, Mexico pacing the harvest demanding higher field prices. Gradual increases going into the weekend.

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