Produce Pipeline: Farm to Food Bank
June 25, 2020

Farm to Food Bank: Moving Farmers From ‘Dump’ to ‘Donate’

The Christian Science Monitor took a look into how the USDA Farmers to Families Box Program not only helps countless families throughout our communities, but it also ensures their fresh product ends up in bellies, not dumpsters. Tom Brugato, President of Pacific Coast Fruit Company, spoke to the Monitor and provided insight as to how the company helps people get the food they need and allows farmers to keep growing. 
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Local Picks

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Best In Season

  • 22913 Zucchini Fancy 4/7bshl
  • 27217 Purple Kohlrabi 12ct
  • 23941 Walla Walla Onions 40#
  • 20057 Maryhill Robada Apricots 22#

Fun Stuff

  • 26869 Sweet Sapphire Grapes 16#
  • 25757 Snap Peas 15#
  • 20227 Fava Beans 1bshl 
  • 23859 Yellow Wax Beans 15#

Coming Soon

  • Yellow and Red A Potatoes are due in next week from California. 
  • 2 Layer Maryhill Peaches will be starting around July 15th. 
  • Oregon Blueberries in 6oz and 18oz sizes will be here next week. 
  • Oregon Blackberries in 12/6oz sizes will also be here next week. 
  • Local Slicing Cucumbers are coming next week. 

Market Update

Lettuce: Pre-cut salad items that contain romaine and iceberg are in short supply. 

Berries: Hot weather in California is making berry quality fair at best. 

Citrus: Aside from the lemon market holding firm, we are seeing citrus items winding down. There will be more supplies available out of Oxnard/Ventura coming soon. 

Broccoli: Demand is exceeding supply in California so look to local for better supply and value. 

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