Produce Pipeline: Happy Father’s Day
June 18, 2020

Wishing you a Happy Fathers Day from all of us here at Pacific Coast Fruit Company. May you have a happy, healthy and peaceful Father’s Day with your family. And may you have many more happy, healthy and peaceful ones as well.

In appreciation for all the produce loving dads out there, here are a list of some actually kinda funny dad jokes: 

Why did the tomato blush?….Because he saw the salad dressing!

What vegetables are a sailors enemy?….Leeks!

Why aren’t banana’s ever lonely?….Because they hangout in bunches!

What do chickens grow on?….Eggplants!

What did the lettuce say to the celery?….Quit stalking me!

Local Picks

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Best In Season

  • 25757 Snap Peas 15#
  • 20231 Brentwood Green Beans 1bshl 
  • 20122 Avocado 48ct
  • 29084 Envy Apples 80/88ct

Fun Stuff

  • 26869 Sweet Sapphire Grapes 18#
  • 28085 Cotton Candy Grapes 18#
  • 20517 Green Chard 12ct
  • 29864 Purple Artichoke 18ct

Coming Soon

  • Turlock Peacock Cantaloupe and Orange Flesh Melons will be available end of next week!
  • Local Gunkel Robata Apricots will be arriving this weekend.
  • Walla Walla Onions will be here the week of the 29th.
  • Washington Broccoli is about 1.5 weeks away. 
  • Organic Russet Potatoes should be coming the weekend of the 26th. 

Market Update

Cherries: The Cherry fight continues. The weather that went through last weekend beat up the cherry growers even more. The season kicked off with high winds, labor shorts, early chill damage and the small cherry disease. This had lead to some wildly diverse markets between growers.

Berries: Local berries are very short due to the weather, however this should improve over the next week. 

Onions: Vidalia onions and ramps are done for the season. 

Broccoli/Cauliflower: Demand has been exceeding the supply on both broccoli and cauliflower so the market has been remaining very tight. 

Figs: Mission figs could be gapping until the end of next week and we should see the start of Organic Missions by then. The first Brown Turkey figs are landing this weekend from Coachella and should be around until the first week of August. 

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