Produce Pipeline: New Zealand Apples
May 28, 2020

Organic Apples from New Zealand?!

IMPORT new crop ORGANIC Gala, Braeburn and Dazzles Apples in the house from New Zealand. Check out this video about the farm!

Bostock New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s leading growers and the largest organic apple producer with a proud history of sustainable growing practices. The company is 100% owned by John Bostock and is based in Hawke’s Bay, one of the cleanest and purest growing environments in the world.

Try them for yourself! 28256 Organic Dazzle Apples 72/80/90ct

Local Picks

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Best In Season

  • 21502 Pasquenelli Seedless Watermelon 5/6ct
  • 27006 California Nectarines 48/50ct
  • 21904 California Peaches 48/50ct
  • 20231 Green Beans 1 Bshl

Fun Stuff

  • 21493 Golden Dews 6ct
  • 29281 Golden Nugget Mandarins 14/2#
  • 24952 Fresno Pickling Cukes 1 Bshl
  • 25704 Lemon Drop Melons 8ct

Coming Soon

  • Local Zucchini is only a week or two away.
  • Gunkel Cherries are expected to be available around 6/10. 
  • Local Strawberries 6/1 flats and 12/1 flats should be here next week. 
  • Organic Ginger is on the horizon with a new crop from Peru arriving this weekend. 

Market Update

Melons: A flood of domestic melons should be hitting us in the next week. 

Cherries: Rain and late freezes are leading to a smaller than usual Washington crop. There was in fact a Small Cherry Virus and some late cold weather that went through and reduced the overall yield.

Stone Fruit: Overall, so far most of the fruit is on the small size. Most places are saying the fruit is peaking two sizes lower than last year.

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