Produce Pipeline: Blood Oranges
February 6, 2020

Can you peel the Love tonight?

This week In The Kitchen, Lacy works with Blood Oranges to make a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert for two very special Pacific Coast Fruit love birds, Tom & Nancy Brugato. Tom is our Multidivision President and Nancy is a second generation owner and VP of Business Development. Watch as Lacy prepares them a candied blood orange chocolate cake and hear Tom tell the story of how he proposed to Nancy. Click the image to watch or the link below. 

Blood Orange Video Link

Featured Items:

  • 24219 Blood Oranges 19#

Local Picks

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Best In Season

  • 25168 Sumo Mandarines 22/25ct
  • 28131 Tarocco Blood Oranges 1/2ctn
  • 20360 Organic Broccoli 14ct
  • 25722 Guatemalan Magnificent Cantaloupe 9ct
  • 26976 Long Stem Artichoke 12size 14ct
  • 23972 Organic Mini Sweet Peppers 12/1
  • 24219 Blood Oranges 19# 

Fun Stuff

  • 20324 Long Stem Strawberries 4/1#
  • 26227 Yellow Dragon Fruit 10/12ct
  • 23920 Mango 8ct 
  • 26833 Owen T Black Plums 2lyr 40/48ct
  • 28085 Cotton Candy Grapes 18#
  • 25263 Organic English Peas 28#

Coming Soon

  • Sunions (the tearless sweet onion) will be arriving Wednesday 2/12. 
  • California Avocados are starting in a small way. 
  • Washington Asparagus is still 2-3 months out. 
  • Ask your sales rep about Red Ro-Mini’s & Purple Ninja Radish this is coming to us from Babe Farm.

Market Update

  • Broccoli: The market will increase due to cold weather in the growing areas.
  • Strawberries: Cold nights in Oxnard have been affecting strawberry pulls. We should see appropriate numbers for Valentine’s Day to cover sales. 
  • Ginger: There is a gap in product on both Hawaiian and Organic Peruvian supplies. 
  • Green Beans: Due to rain in the growing regions of Mexico, we expect to see green bean supplies tighten as the market becomes higher in the near future. 

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