Produce Pipeline: Super Bowl Sunday Snacks
January 30, 2020

Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner! This week In The Kitchen, Chef Lacy is joined by a current NFL player and former driver for Pacific Coast Fruit, Henry Mondeaux. Henry tells us what it’s like being a defensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers as Lacy dishes him up some game day snacks!

Click the image to watch or the link below. 

Super Bowl Snacks Video Link

Featured Items:

  • 70904 Organic Pico de Gallo 5#
  • 70991 Pico de Gallo 2/2.5#
  • 71176 Guacamole Kit 2/5.45#
  • 71124 Organic Avocado Pulp 2/5#
  • 26896 Ripe Avocados 48ct 

Local Picks

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  • 25936 Org Nante Carrots 25# (Ralph’s Greenhouse, WA)
  • 21336 Org Leeks 20# (Ralph’s Greenhouse)
  • 24369 Nw Hedgehog Mushrooms (Special Order)
  • 26108 Nw Black Trumpet Mushrooms (Special Order)

Best In Season 

  • 20478 Org Rainbow Carrots 24ct
  • 29006 Sumos 28sz
  • 24193 Org Navel Oranges 72/88ct 
  • 27966 Org Page Manderines 24#
  • 20092 Mexican Asparagus 11/1#
  • 24746 Pink Lady Apples 80/88ct

Fun Stuff

  • 26227 Yellow Dragon Fruit 10/12ct (Special Order)
  • 23007 Green Tomatoes 20#
  • 26791 Owen T Black Plums 36/40ct
  • 28346 Ellenos Vanilla Bean Yogurt 12/5.3oz
  • 28341 Ellenos Lemon Curd 12/5.3ozfor

Coming Soon 

  • Lemon Plums are on the way! This plum has a yellow coloring with a nice blush coming through when they are ripe. 
  • Organic Spring Onions are just two weeks away.
  • Expect to see Organic Purple Garlic showing up soon.

Market Update

Strawberries: There are heavy pre-orders out West for the Valentine’s day pull period. Quality is good and the fruit is firm, but we are waiting for the fruit to color up after a period of colder morning temps. Shippers are anticipating rising numbers for the end of this week and into the next as a result of a mild warming trend with no showers in sight. Weather forecasts show ideal weather through the first week of February. We are expecting to see the increase in demand to more than offset the increase in production through the first week of February . 

Leaf Lettuce: Quality and supplies have improved for Arugula and all Baby Leaf.

Broccoli: The market continues to adjust downward with the help of warmer weather and better yields out in Yuma. 

Lemons: There is a new crop out of District 1 that has been looking great on supply and quality. 

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