Produce Pipeline: Baby Romaine
February 27, 2020

This week In The Kitchen Chef Lacy is joined by one of our buyers, Keenan Hatfield, who talks to her all about LETTUCE! Keenan explains quality challenges, his relationship with the farms he buys from, and the importance of having solid harvesting techniques. He then describes how lettuce can be “cute” as he shows her some fun new items he is buying from Babe Farms.

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Featured in this video:

  • 28448 Ro-minis 24ct
  • 29077 Ruby Ro-minis 24ct

Local Picks

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Best In Season

  • 21460 Champagne Mangos 14ct
  • 26273 Page Mandarin 1/2bu
  • 20096 Large Mexican Asparagus 28#
  • 28085 Cotton Candy Grape 16#
  • 25087 Heirloom Navel Oranges 88ct 

Fun Stuff

  • 21008 Organic Purple Garlic 30#
  • 28085 Cotton Candy Grapes 18#
  • 26227 Dragon Fruit 7/8ct

Coming Soon

  • Organic Atualfo is expected to be in by 2/27. 
  • Domestic California Asparagus will be available in March/April. 
  • Import Organic Argentinean Bartlett Pears should be landing this weekend.
  • We are probably about another month or two away from seeing Vidalia Onions

Market Update

Leafy Greens: Arugula and many other retail salads continue to struggle from Taylor Farms – Earth Bound. 

Peppers: Supplies are picking up on organic colored peppers. 

Berries: Blueberries are very short on supply and Blackberries are showing only fair quality. Oxnard weather has also improved which has afforded a bounce back in Strawberry harvests. 

Citrus: It is a prime time to buy citrus! Don’t miss out on the best tasting fruit out there right now!

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