Produce Pipeline: Super Bowl Snacks
February 4, 2021

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Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner! Last year we filmed an In The Kitchen episode where Chef Lacy was joined by a current NFL player and previous driver for Pacific Coast Fruit, Henry Mondeaux. Henry told us what it was like being a defensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers as Lacy dished him up some game day snacks!

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Featured Items:

  • 70904 Organic Pico de Gallo 5#
  • 70991 Pico de Gallo 2/2.5#
  • 71176 Guacamole Kit 2/5.45#
  • 71124 Organic Avocado Pulp 2/5#
  • 26896 Ripe Avocados 48ct 

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20728 Organic Red Dandelion 12ct

This product comes to us from our farm partners at Cal-Organic Farms. The Duncan Family started Cal-Organic Farms with just a quarter acre of land in Lamont, CA. Today Cal-Organic is the largest organic vegetable producer in the United States. Supplying more than 65 seasonal and year-round varieties, they are proud to grow 100% of their produce on premium acreage in the USA.

30674 Orange Candy Melons 5/6ct 

This is a cross between a golden honeydew and an orange flesh honeydew. When this smooth-skinned variety turns bright yellow, it is ripe for the picking, carefully washed, packed and on its way to you.

20370 Organic Purple Sprouting Broccoli 18ct  

This colorful cousin of broccoli can be used in much of the same way. Leafier and deeper in color than calabrese, it adds vibrancy and crunch to vegetable dishes.

29319 Shanghai Baby Bok Choy 30#

Ever wonder the difference between Baby Bok Choy and Shanghai Bok Choy? Baby Bok Choy has white stalks and dark green, crinkly leaves with a more mineral taste. Shanghai Bok Choy has wide, jade-colored stalks shaped like soupspoons and light green smooth leaves with a more mild, celery-like flavor. Both can be used interchangeably.

25200 Valentine Pummelo 27/32c

This variety of grapefruit is a combination of a Pummelo, a mandarin, and a blood orange. This is a short season variety that pops up around Valentine’s Day because its red pigmentation resembles a heart when halved length-wise, tapered end down.

27928 Red Sweet Cherries 11#

These cherries are grown in Chili and are a Lapin variety. They are about a size 10row and continue to eat great with perfect firmness and crunch. 

25269 Lemon Plums 40/48ct 

Is your mouth watering yet? This plum has a yellow coloring with a nice blush coming through when they are ripe. 

30645 Sweet Nectar Red Seedless Grapes 18#

Deliciously sweet and crunchy red grapes with a hint of muscat in them. 


  • Local Organic Purple Sprouting Broccoli should be starting up in a couple weeks. 
  • Champagne Mangos will be here around the end of the month. They are the nicest quality of any yellow mango on the market. Don’t miss out!
  • Golden Nugget Tangerines should be arriving on the 11th of February and will replace the stem and leaf Murcotts. 

Market Update

Avocados: Demand is good and markets are holding steady on Mexican fruit. Markets are expected to come off post-Super Bowl. Quality is good as well as availability. Plenty of opportunities on avocados. California production is light and availability is limited. We anticipate production on domestic fruit to increase in March. Current USDA Daily Movement Report indicates avocados are up 5% year over year.

MAG Melons: The market continues to be a mess with nearly the entire Guatemalan crop. We will have a pallet of MAGs here and there. We are hoping to have the MAGS here in the 3rd week of this month.

Kiwi: California conventional Kiwi will conclude in six weeks. There could be a gap as Chilean is looking like 8 weeks out.

Limes: The market is expected to get active with current production wrapping up for the season. 

Blueberries: We may start to see suppys get a litte tighter and some QA issues. There have been cold snaps affecting blues and straw, now affecting blacks and rasp.

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