Produce Pipeline: Thanksgiving Delivery Schedule
November 5, 2020

Fun Stuff in the Warehouse 

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  • 27524 Aussie Blood Oranges 

The blood oranges are here but get them while they last! They arrived just in time to be a perfect addition to your holiday cocktail menus!

  • 22795 Local Delicata Squash 1bshl 

Local Delicata Squash from Hilltop Farms in Troutdale, Oregon. Our very own Chef Lacy decided to roast and season a couple to try and boy were they delicious! 

  • 30262 Pink Glow Pineapples 2ct 

Pink Pineapples in the house! One of our beloved customers sent in a picture of how he used these unique pineapples as a beverage special of the day! 

Syrup’s For your coffee bar 6/1L

  • 30021 Raspberry
  • 30023 Peppermint
  • 30024 Lavender
  • 30020 Hazelnut
  • 30025 Cinnamon

We have an assortment of syrup flavors that would be great for your coffee bar! Personal favorite is the hazelnut…yum!

  • 27651 New Crop Local Sugar Bee Apples 72/88ct

Coming to us local from Chelan Fresh, these apples are the best eating experience and fantastic price! 

  • 21355 Pink Lemons 115ct

Wouldn’t these just make the prettiest pink spritzer? These vibrant beauties are perfect to brighten up any dish or drink!

  • 24783 Ripe to You Satsumas 24#

SO SWEET SO GOOD! These satsumas are coming to us from our longstanding partners at Ripe to You Citrus out of Central California. They are known for harvesting their fruit in small quantities and then hand picking each variety at the peak of freshness.


Coming Soon

  • 25008 Satsuma Pouches will be here 11/15.
  • 30291 Organic Satsuma Pouches will be here 11/8.
  • Masks and Face Shields are coming to us soon! 
  • The first of Cosmic Crisp Apples will be shipped 11/23.
  • 26468 Organic Florida Grapefruit will be arriving this Sunday!
  • Small Fuji, Red Delicious and Premium Honeycrisps will be arriving next week. 
  • *Ask us about Sugar Bee Cider, we can get in both gallons and ½ gallon bottles. 

  • The first loading of Jumbo Organic Kiwi will be the last week of the month.
  • Expect to see Stem & Leaf Satsumas showing up in early December. 

Market Update

Avocados: The market has been lower with better production coming out of Mexico. 

Lettuce: The market has been very active as supplies have been limited coming out of the Salinas valley. As growing areas change to Yuma we should see the market come off a bit. With this transition happening, you can expect quality and availability on pre-processed lettuce items to improve.

Mushrooms: Porcini & Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms are done for the season, due to colder weather. 

Broccoli: The market is up as yields continue to struggle.  Harvesters are seeing pin rot, hollow core and some yellow beading. 

Kiwi: Gold Kiwi are winding down. We still have a few cases to sell away. The California fruit never looks as good as the New Zealand but there will be some available.

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