Produce Pipeline: Elementor #4847
June 4, 2020

Food Box Operations In Washington

We are into our third week of the USDA Farmers to Families Box Program! Each week we create 135,000 boxes of fresh produce, dairy, and meet that is distributed to families in need across the Northwest. Pacific Coast Fruit Company is proud to partner with Alki Bakery to help produce our Farmers to Families Food Boxes. Here is a look at the operations in our Kent, Washington warehouse and a few words from Co Owner of Alki Bakery, Kevin Piper.

Local Picks

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Best In Season

  • 20231 Brentwood Green Beans 1bshl
  • 20121 California Avocados 48ct
  • 29548 Koru Apples 12/2#

Fun Stuff

  • 29540 Local Organic Strawberries 12/1pt
  • 25694 Honeycots 70/72ct
  • 28280 Lemonade Apples 20#

Coming Soon

  • Local Fava Beans are a week or two away.
  • Local Zucchini is also coming up sometime this month.
  • Redcots will be here on Sunday. 
  • Chelan Fresh will start thier Rainier Cherries next week. At this point the fruit is looking to be limited with little export grade to quote at this time. 
  • Organic Ginger is on the horizon with a new crop landing on Sunday from Peru. 
  • Oregon Blueberries will be here in late June.

Market Update

Stone Fruit: Overall, so far most of the fruit is on the small size. A reminder on stone fruit sizing, in most yellow and white nectarine and peaches the count is the size. In the below pics the ct is the same as the size. With VF plums a 40/45size plum there will be around 110 pieces of fruit.

Kiwi: This is the last week for Organic domestic kiwi. Organic Kiwi from New Zealand should be around two weeks away and is showing great quality. 

Melons: Pasquenelli melons have been eating great! We have bins still available so get them why they last! Organic seedless mini melons are done for now. 

Berries: Heat in California is affecting berry quality. Expect to see bruising and short shelf lives in strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.

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