Sterino Farms

Sterino Farms was founded by Italian immigrant, Michael Sterino, in 1923 in Fife, Washington. Currently in its fourth generation, Sterino has stood the test of time, even losing part of their farm to the construction of I-5 in 1959. Sterino Farms continues to serve their customers some of the highest quality fruits and vegetables in the Pacific Northwest.


Puyallup, WA
14 miles from PCFCo.

Primary Crops

Blackberries, Currant, Raspberries, Tayberries, Bok Choy, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Celery, Cilantro, Corn, Fennel, Leeks, Lettuce, Gourds, Pumpkins, Ornamental Pumpkins, Anaheim Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Pasilla Peppers, Serrano Peppers