Broetje Orchards

Sold under the First Fruits label, Broetje Orchards have been a recognized leader in the apple industry for over 25 years. Broetje Orchards is one of the largest family owned apple orchards in the United States, with more than 6,000 acres of apples and cherries. The company’s acreage include approximately 5,000 contiguous acres near Prescott, 625 in Benton City and another 550 devoted to Certified Organic fruit production in Wallula, Washington. The third arm of the family’s business is Vista Hermosa Foundation, a non-profit formed originally to provide affordable housing and childcare for Broetje’s workers. Since then, Vista Hermosa has built affordable living communities across the world, Jubilee Leadership Academy in Prescott, and college scholarship funds. With all these elements together, Broetje Orchards is able to consistently fulfill their mission: “A quality fruit company committed to bearing fruit that will last.”


Yakima, WA
95 miles from PCFCo.

Primary Crops

Apples, Opal Apples