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Local Heirloom Apples
November 5, 2019

It’s Football Season! This means tons of sports fans gathering to watch the game, drink a cold beer, and snack on some delicious appetizers! This week In The Kitchen, Chef Lacy works with Local Heirloom Apples to add to the perfect game day charcuterie board appetizer. Watch as she creates an Apple Mostarda that is sure to be a touchdown on your own seasonal menu!


  • Apples are 25% air, which is why they float in water.
  • Supermarket Apples can be up to one year old. Thanks to controlled atmosphere storage, apples are able to be ‘put to sleep’ and can be 6-12 months old before you actually buy them at the supermarket.
  • An apple tree can produce up to 400 apples a year.
  • The most grown apple is a Red Delicious

Local Items

28672 Apple Crimson Crisps 15# (Kiyokawa Orchards)

27475 Apple Heirloom Mt Rose 15# (Kiyokawa Orchards)

27647 Apple Lucy Glo 27# (Chelan Fresh)

28777 Apple Lady Alice 27# (Rainier Fruit)

28671 Apple Sweetie 50/60/70ct (First Fruits Marketing)

20642 Collard Bunch 24ct (Cal Farms)

20437 Carrot Jumbo 25# (Cal Farms)

20248 Beet Gold 25# (Hiltop Produce Farms)

20253 Beet Red Bunch 12ct (Hiltop Produce Farms)

24353 Org Beet Chiogga 25# (Montecucco Farms)

Seasonal Items

28695 Org Cranberry 12/8oz  (Bandon Black Moon Farms)

24351 Org Pear Bartlett 70/80ct (Rainier Fruit)

22051 Pear Bosc Golden Fancy 60/70ct (RainierFruit)

24425 Pear Red Starkrimson Fancy 60/70ct (Rainier Fruit)

Specialty Items

25006 Satsuma Tangerines Stem/Leaf 24#

28092 Organic Cut Green Beans 10/12oz

71176 Guacamole Kit 2/5#

22137 Diced Red Onion 3/8”

22152 Diced Potato ½” 10#


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