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The Source is our weekly produce update, including our list of locally grown items and a spotlight on changes within the global market. The Source is published every Thursday afternoon.

The Latest Source: December 7, 2017

I learned something about produce and farming today. You see, there are primary and secondary crops produced at farms. At the beginning of the year, farmers figure out what they want to plant. This is a primary crop. A secondary crop would be anything they can also harvest from the primary crop that will help offset some costs and make a little more money per crop or acre. Despite all our misconceptions, farmers take a lot of risks and often just scrape by, so getting a little more from a crop may just mean survival for them.

I learned this while talking about the farm, Pride of the Umpqua. They are a small Oregon Tilth Certified Organic farm located—you guessed it—along the Umpqua River just outside of Roseburg, Oregon. Farmers Harmon and Noreane Walker have been at it since 1978 and take great pride in the fruits of their labors. They grow a variety of crops and you will be seeing their name a lot more.

Right now, they are in the middle of their Brussels Sprout season and offered us one of their secondary crops, Brussels Leaves. These are the top leaves that grow on the stalks between the sprouts. They are rather large leaves at 6 to 8 inches across and 10 inches long resembling, Collard greens but more flat. Not to toot our horn but I also found out that we are one of the very few produce companies that would even discuss secondary crops, let alone bring in a secondary crop.

The Brussels Leaves were so new to us that we needed to try them out. Cooked, they were much more tender and sweeter than most winter greens. They did turn brown pretty quick—must be the sugars. Being more tender and milder than Kale, we also enjoyed them raw. The stalks, to our surprise, were delightful and on the sweet side. My hands started to itch now—how were they as a chip? I grabbed a leaf and gave it a light spray of oil. I threw it on a sheet pan and in a 275°F convection oven it went for about 15 minutes. Finished with a little Kosher Salt and Tada! Brussels Leaf Chips! It had that wonderful subtle spout flavor and was crisp. I liked it better than Pringles!

If you are looking to start making your own local organic Brussels Leaf chips—the item number is 26605 for a 24 ct case.

—Peter Ross, Salesperson

Next Week’s Local List

Item Code Pack Grower State
Organic Apples Fuji 24951 40# First Fruits WA
Organic Gala 24055 40# First Fruits WA
Organic Jazz 24735 40# Enza WA
Organic Jonagold 24383 40# Columbia Valley Fruits WA
Organic Apples Golden Delicious 24296 40# First Fruits WA
Organic Granny Smith 24305 40# Chelan Fresh WA
Organic Honeycrisp 24307 40# First Fruits WA
Organic Red Beets 20258 24ct Ralph’s WA
Organic Gold Beets 20245 24ct Ralph’s WA
Organic Collard Greens 20643 24ct Ralphs WA
Organic Red Chard 20528 24ct Dharma Ridge/Ralphs WA
Organic Rainbow Chard 20523 24ct Dharma Ridge/Ralphs WA
Organic Green Chard 20520 24ct Dharma Ridge/Ralphs WA
Organic Fennel 20911 24ct Dharma Ridge/Ralphs WA
Organic Brussels Leaves 26605 24 ct Pride of the Umpqua OR
Organic Green Cabbage 20394 45# Siri & Sons/Ralphs OR/WA
Organic Red Cabbage 20407 45# Siri & Sons/Ralphs OR/WA
Organic Leeks 21336 20# Ralphs WA
Organic Parsley 21884 30ct Cal Farms OR
Organic Parsley Italian 21887 30ct Cal Farms OR
Organic Parsnip 22443 25# Montecucco OR
Organic Pear Anjou 24348 70/80ct Chelan Fresh WA
Organic Pear Bosc 22052 80/90ct Chelan Fresh WA
Organic Pear Starkrimson 24682 22# Columbia Valley Fruits OR
Organic Radish 22533 24ct Cal Farms OR
Organic Rutagega 22570 25# Montecucco OR
Organic Spinach 22724 24ct Siri OR
Organic Turnip 23074 25# Montecucco OR
Organic Yellow Onions 21804 40# Columbia Basin WA/OR
Apples Braeburn 72/80 24449 40# Chelan Fresh WA/OR
Apples Fuji 80/88 19989 40# First Fruits WA/OR
Apples Galas 80/88 23847 40# Oneonta WA/OR
Apples Gold Delicious 80/88 20004 40# Chelan Fresh WA/OR
Apples Granny Smith VF 26175 34# Kiyokawa Orchards OR
Apples Granny Smith 80/88 20011 40# EW Brandt WA/OR
Apples Honey Crisp VF 26174 34# Kiyokawa Orchards OR
Apples Honey Crisp 80/88 20024 40# Chelan Fresh WA/OR
Apples Pink Pearl 64/88 26567 40# Chelan Fresh WA
Apples Jazz 80/88 23850 40# CMI WA/OR
Appels Jonagolds 72/80 24301 40# L&M Company WA/OR
Apples Lady Alice 27# Euro 20031 27# Rainier Fruit WA/OR
Apples Lady 11# 24688 11# Oneonta OR
Apples McIntosh 80/88 24401 40# Oppenhiemer WA/OR
Apples Nikita 80/88 24453 40# CMI WA/OR
Apples Red Delicious 72/80 20042 40# Chelan Fresh WA/OR
Apples Red Romes 72 25023 40# Chelan Fresh WA/OR
Apples Smitten 80/88 20052 40# CMI WA/OR
Leeks 21334 12ct Mosby/Ralphs WA
Mushroom Oyster 21621 5# White Forest Mushrooms OR
Mushroom Shiitake 21634 5# Wespak OR
Mushroom White Large 21596 10# Yamhill Co Mushroom OR
Mushroom White Medium 21598 10# Yamhill Co Mushroom OR
Mushroom White Sliced 21645 10# Yamhill Co Mushroom OR
Pears Anjous 70/80 24235 44# Naumes OR
Pears Bartletts 70/80ct 24994 44# Naumes OR
Pears Bartletts 110/120ct 23997 44# Naumes OR
Pears Golden Bosc 70/80ct 22051 44# Naumes OR
Pears Comice 60/70ct 24246 44# Naumes OR
Pears Red Starkrimson 24425 44# Naumes OR
Pears Red Anjous 26124 44# Chelan Fresh WA/OR
Pears Seckels 90/99ct 24416 22# Oneonta OR
Pears Forelles 24415 22# Oneonta OR
Potato Russet 10/5 22351 50# Basin Gold WA
Potato Russet 50ct 22389 50# Basin Gold WA
Potato Russet 80ct 22394 50# Basin Gold WA
Radish Red 22534 48ct Aurora Farms/Hilltop OR

Hot & New

Organic Brussels Leaves

We have to rave about these just a little more. This “throw away” product is a true hidden gem, the leaf being full of sugar and the base of the stem (where it was cut) eat like candy and taste like sweet peas. Seriously, the raw stems melt in your mouth and are loaded with sugar. I can’t stress enough that this is a leafy green that does not need to be destemmed. The leaves themselves are extremely pliable and, with their large size, they are ideal for doing wraps and rolls.


Pink Pearl red fleshed apples are in stock now. We also have conventional and Organic Opal non-browning apples in stock in a couple of different sizes.


We have Honeydew Radish in from Coke Farms, they’re long like a Diakon and cut like a Watermelon Radish, just green instead of red/pink. We also have Watermelon, Easter Egg, and French Breakfast.

Special Orders

We have few items on Special Order from our growers out of California: Crosnes, Flat and Curly Spigarello, Sprouting Broccoli, and Spring Onions. These can be 3-5 days of lead time, however quality on these items are outstanding and thus well worth the wait.


Kumquats are hot right now, as are Cara Cara’s (Organic Cara Cara’s will be here next week). We still have Satsuma Tangerines and Organic Clementines. For specialties, we’re still bringing in Pink Variegated Lemons, Fingerlimes, Meyer Lemons, and Buddha’s Hands. Grapefruit is also going strong.

Coming Soon

Kent Mangoes

Landing this week are Kent varieties Mangoes.



Fuyu and Hachiyas are looking great.


Organic and Conventional are in stock.


Chanterelles are in stock and look great, we also have a list available for special order (2-3 days): King Oyster, Black Trumpet, Hedge Hog, Morel, Piopponi, and White Truffle are some of the highlights.

Quality & Shortage Issues


Berry country in California is on fire right now and we’re experiencing delays from all our shippers in that area. Thankfully the fruit doesn’t seem to have been hit, but facilities down there are out of power and thus coolers are shutting down and generally making it impossible to load. Stay tuned…

Blood Oranges

Blood Oranges will be gapping as we switch from Aussie to US grown.


The Avocado market is still in flux due to the actions of certain growers in Mexico. We’re doing our best to source out of other areas including California, Chile, and Peru, however, Mexico does represent the majority of the Avocado market. It’ll take a while for the politics of this situation to play out, so hold on tight…

Out & Done for the Season


Local Quince is done, however, we still have some available from California.

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