The Source | April 20, 2017

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Next Week’s Local List

Item Num Pack Grower State
Organic Apples Fuji 19988 40# Oneonta WA
Organic Apples Gala 24055 40# First Fruits WA
Organic Apples Golden Delicious 24296 40# First Fruits WA
Organic Apples Granny Smith 24305 40# First Fruits WA
Organic Apples Pink Lady 24954 40# Oneonta/Chelan WA
Organic Apples Braeburn 19971 40# First Fruits WA
Organic Beets 20263 25# Siri OR
Organic Celery Root 20514 25# Siri OR
Organic Red Cabbage 25216 45# Siri & Sons OR
Organic Green Cabbage 20394 45# Siri & Sons OR
Organic Leeks 21336 20# Ralph’s/Siri WA/OR
Organic Rutabaga 22570 25# Siri & Sons OR
Organic Pears Anjou 24348 44# Chelan Fresh WA
Organic Parsley 25003 30ct Cal Farms/Siri OR
Organic Radish 22533 24ct Cal Farms/Siri OR
Organic Red Onions 21771 40# Columbia Basin WA
Organic Rhubarb 22562 15# Living Rain WA
Organic Turnips 23074 25# Siri & Sons OR
Organic Yellow Onions 21804 40# Columbia Basin WA
Apples Gala 23847 40# First Fruits WA
Apples Gold Delicious 80/88 20004 40# Chelan Fresh WA
Apples Granny Smith 80/88 20011 40# Chelan Fresh WA
Apples Honey Crisp 20024 40# First Fruits WA
Apples Opal 50/55ct Euro 27# 24754 27# Columbia Marketing WA
Apples Pink Lady 72/80 24746 40# First Fruits WA
Apples Red Delicious 72/80 20042 40# Chelan Fresh WA
Asparagus 28# Washington 20095 28 Columbia Vally Farms WA
Beets 20262 25# Hilltop Farms OR
Cabbage Green 20392 45# Hilltop/Dickey/Sterino OR/WA
Celery Root 20512 12ct Hilltop OR
Leeks 21334 12ct Sterino WA
Mushroom Oyster 21621 5# White Forest Mushrooms OR
Mushroom Shiitake 21634 5# Wespak OR
Mushroom White Large 21596 10# Yamhill Co Mushroom OR
Mushroom White Medium 21598 10# Yamhill Co Mushroom OR
Mushroom White Sliced 21645 10# Yamhill Co Mushroom OR
Pears Bosc 70/80ct 22051 44# First Fruits WA
Pears Comice 60/70ct 24246 40# Naumes OR
Potato Russet 10/5 22351 50# Basin Gold WA
Potato Russet 50ct 22389 50# Basin Gold WA
Potato Russet 80ct 22394 50# Basin Gold WA
Potato Red 22378 50# Norm Nelson WA
Potato Yellow 22428 50# Norm Nelson WA
Rhubarb 22563 20# Montecucco OR

Hot & New

Almond, Green

Green almonds are available via pre-order.

Artichoke, Baby

Baby artichokes are available via pre-order.


Local asparagus in this weekend.

Bean, Fava

Fava beans are now in.

Bean, Long

Long beans are available via pre-order.

Fiddlehead Fern

Limited stock, please call to check availability.

Mushroom, Morel

Morel mushrooms are available via pre-order. Please allow 3 days lead time.


Nettles are now in stock.

Onion, Vidalia

Vidalia onions are due in at the end of next week.

Onion, Wild Spring

Limited availability. This variety is untrimmed with blossoms attached.

Pea, English

English peas are now available.

Potato, Kennebec

Fab Fryer Kennebecs are now in stock.


Ramps are available via pre-order.


Local Organic and Conventional rhubarb is in.

Strawberry, Green

Green strawberries are available in limited quantities.

Coming Soon

Lime, Finger

Finger limes will be available via special order next week.

Orange, Valencia

As the season winds down on navel oranges, Valencias are coming in the next couple of weeks.

Stone Fruit

Peaches, nectarines, and apricots all coming over the next few weeks. Limited stock currently available on organic peaches.



Artichoke 12 ct. and 24 ct. now in stock.

Bean, Green

Green beans are in with great quality.


Kumquats are in stock.

Tomato, Mixed Cherry

Mixed cherry tomatoes now in stock.

Tomato, Heirloom

In stock and steady.

Quality Issues & Shortages


Broccoli continues to be affected by weather issues. Pricing is starting to come down.


There are quality issues on leafy greens and romaine, including salad mixes.

Out & Done for the Season

Garlic, Green

Green garlic is out and done for the season.

Potato, Marble

Marble potatoes are gapping. Tri-color fingerling potatoes are in stock.